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Combat Cup Handle


Combat Cup Handle is Battle Mug’s standard carrying device. Battle Mug has designed and built a one piece anodized aluminum handle that will keep your Combat Cup securely in your hand.

Combat Cup Handle has become the choice of Battle Mug customers. Battle Mug used standard M4 carry handles until our customers asked for a handle that had a larger finger opening. In our quest for the ultimate mug, we have designed the Battle Cup Handle as the perfect companion piece to your Battle Mug. Combat Cup Handle is machined from billet aluminum in our facility, using the same craftsmanship as all of the Battle Mug products. To pay homage to Eugene Stoner and those who created the black rifle that started it all for many of us; the M16A1; we took this timeless design and enlarged the handle opening slightly to accommodate larger hands. Combat Cup Handle is mil-spec Type III hard anodized for a lifetime of faithful service.

The Combat Cup Handle can be used as a stand-alone on your Combat Cup (or on any M1913 rail).

Battle Cup sold separately.

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 1.5 x 4 in