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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Battle Mug come with a handle?

A: No.  You can purchase our improved version of the M4 carrying handle, the Battle Handle, which is designed with a larger opening to fit your fingers or you can use your own M4 carrying handle.

Q: How long does it take to ship my order?

A: We normally ship orders with no engraving within 24 hours.  *Engraving requests can add up to 3 days to this process.


Q: Why are Battle Mugs so expensive?
A: There are substantial costs associated with our materials and machining process. Our Battle Mug starts out as a solid 10+ lb block of T-6 Billet aluminum and go through multiple and lengthy stages of careful machining before a final military grade anodization process. As such, our profit margins are exceptionally slim. However, we're a small veteran owned and operated company, and we apply a good portion of those profits to support Veterans and First Responders who don't always get supported the way they should.


Q: How long does it take to custom engrave my Battle Mug?

A: Our engraving process can take up to 3 days to complete. We make every effort to process these orders as quickly as possible.


Q: I just ordered my Battle Mug and requested my unit crest/other logo to be engraved. What if I have questions about how the engraving will look on the finished product?
A: You can submit your custom artwork in the Shopping Cart when you are ordering. If you have any trouble with our Custom Engraving Specification process in the shopping cart, just send us an email with requested engraving specifics to sales@battlemug.com


Q: Can you engrave on my PMug?
A: No, we do not engrave PMugs.  We have included a USGI sized dog tag slot in the bottom of your PMug. You can attach one of your old military dog tags there, or you can have a custom dog tag made if you wish to personalize the PMug for yourself or for gifts or presentations.


Q: What is your default shipping method? 

A: We use USPS Priority Mail for 99% of our orders.  It is the most efficient and is usually the cheapest and fastest way to get you your product, but we also offer UPS for those that prefer not to use the postal system.


Q: Do you ship to Hong Kong/Australia/Mexico/Insert random country here______.
A: Yes, we are happy to ship to you using USPS Priority International.  We use a medium sized flat rate box, which means you can fit several mugs and other items in each box for one flat shipping price.


Q: Can I drink hot coffee out of my Battle Mug?
A: Yes. While our Battle Mug was conceived as a “cold” mug, we do have customers that drink other beverages from their mugs. Coffee, wine, water, and soda, etc.


Q: How do I care for my Battle Mug, PMug, or other products from Battle Mug?
A: We recommend hand washing using warm soapy water. Do NOT clean anodized products in a dishwasher. The high alkalinity detergent used there will eventually ruin the anodized surface. The plastic PMug CANNOT be cleaned in a dishwasher – please hand washed as recommended for the anodized products.


Q: What about discounts for Units?

A: We do offer Unit/Group discounts, so feel free to contact us (Sales@BattleMug.com) if you are interested in a quote.


Q: Where are your products made?
A: All BattleMug and Time On Target products are made in the USA.